The Cold Pull Method: How to Unclog and Clean Your MakerGear Hot End

The Cold Pull Method is an effective method for cleaning your MakerGear hot end. It is especially helpful when changing type or color of filament as well as preventing clogs.

The Cold Pull method's purpose is to  remove foreign matter or old filament from the hot end use a combination of heat and force.

The Cold Pull Method:

  • Open your printer's OctoPrint interface.
  • Extrude 25 mm of filament.
  • Cool your hot end down to room temperature.
  • Heat hot end to 10 degrees above the transition temperature of the filament. (80 for PLA and 120 for ABS).
  • In your communications terminal type M302 S60 (this allows the printer to extrude with the hot end above 60 degrees).
  • Retract 150 mm of filament, then gently remove it from the filament drive.


For maximum effectiveness you may need to repeat the process more than once. 

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