Changing /Resetting Wifi

All new M3 3D Printers ship with Access Point Mode enabled. This means that the printer generates its own Wifi network and does not connect to another wireless network. If you need to move your printer to a new wifi network, you can use the Netconnect Plugin.

  1. Open the Settings in Octoprint (Wrench Icon)
  2. Open the Netconnect settings. 
  3. Click the name of the network you want to connect to
  4. Enter your password twice and click 'OK'
  5. Now you can connect to the new network and reconnect to your printer


If you want to permatly disconnect your printer from its current wifi network and return to AP mode, follow these instructions 

  1. Open the Settings in Octoprint (Wrench Icon)
  2. Open the MakerGear Settings. 
  3. Check the box next to "Advanced Options"
  4. Click 'Forget Wifi'
  5. Your printer will disconnect from its current wifi network Within 5 Minutes you should see your printer's AP mode wii network.


If your printer is setup to connect to a network, but it cannot access that network, it will return to AP mode after 10 minutes. Your printer can remember up to one network and will try to reconnect to that lat network whenever it is rebooted. 


You can also reset your printer to Access Point Mode by holding the reset button down for 60 seconds and letting go. CAUTION: This will also reset your network name/password, your Octoprint password, and any custom octoprint settings. 


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