Simplify3D Profiles and Factory Files for M3 and M3ID

 Quick note: Make sure you read through the notes on how to use each profile. There is important information on when to use which profile and how to configure your extruders for dual color prints.


Click here to download the latest stable S3D Profiles for the M3 3D Printer.

Once you've downloaded the ZIP file, extract its contents to your computer.

MakerGear M3 Single Extruder files can be found in the following folder

    Simplify3D -> Single Extruder

MakerGear M3 Independent Dual files can be found in the following folder

    Simplify3D -> Independent Dual

To import the Profiles:

Open Simplify3D File>>Import FFF profile. Select the profiles and click Open. Simplify 3D will import your selected files. They will be available in your FFF settings under the Select Profile dropdown menu.

Example factory files for the M3ID can be found in

    Simplify3D -> Independent Dual -> factoryFiles



Previous releases of the profiles and release notes can be found here.

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    Michael Pecota

    Due to the right extruder (tool1) not being able to reach the full build plate area, should the S3D profile have tool1 set up with a toolhead offset by 5 mm or so?

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