Enabling SSH Remote Access

WARNING: SSH Remote Access is only meant for advanced users. MakerGear is not responsible for any problems or damage to the M3 created by the use of SSH to modify your M3.

By default all new M3s ship with SSH disabled. To enable SSH Access :

  1. Open the Settings in Octoprint (Wrench Icon)
  2. Open the MakerGear Settings. 
  3. Check the box next to "Advanced Options"
  4. Click 'Enable SSH'
  5. A pop-up will tell you that SSH is enabled

SSH will now be enabled on the default port (22).


Host: The IP or Hostname that you use to connect to your printer normally 

Username: pi

Password: your serial number, all letters capitalized


We recommend that you change your password via the 'passwd' command once you login.


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    Michael Pecota

    The advanced settings does not contain any section for Enable SSH. I have not found a mention of SSH in any other section inside settings either. Has the terminology changed?

    As a side note the username to connect to a printer is not pi, at least not as is from factory settings. It is printer. The password is still the serial number though.

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